Lasers are the future of dentistry! The use of a laser in the every day dental practice yields excellent results in the treatment of many diseases, especially those affecting soft oral tissue. Treatment is almost painless and guarantees long-lasting results.

Compared to traditional methods, dental and cosmetic laser technology has numerous advantages:


  • Minimal or no bleeding

  • No swelling, Faster healing

  • Reduced post-operative infection

  • Minimal or no anaesthesia

  • Minimal pain, inconvenience

  • Less time in chair, Less anxiety

  • Whitening – single visit procedure

  • High quality treatment

  • Predictable result

  • May be used in diabetic, hypertensive and pacemaker cases

  • Immedeate relief for mouth ulcers

  • Easy correction of pigmented gums.

  • Easy removal of intra-oral soft-tissue lesions