Treatment done:

  • Laser Treatment.

  • Mercury-free tooth coloured fillings

     (Aesthetic fillings).
  • Instant correction of gaps

     between teeth using composites/ veneers.
  • Treatment for gum diseases-

     inc. supra-gingival scaling, sub-gingival scaling, gingival curettage, frenectomy, periodontal flap surgeries, etc.
  • Minor surgical procedures-

     including impaction surgery, fracture reduction and fixation under local anaesthesia, cyst enucleation, apicoectomy etc.
  • Root canal treatment

     to avoid extraction of painful teeth.
  • Post and Core

     for grossly destroyed teeth.
  • Metal- free ceramic crowns and bridges

     (3M Lava, Cercon, E-max etc.)
  • Teeth whitening

     procedure for dark/ dicoloured teeth.
  • Dental implants

     for replacement of missing teeth without capping adjacent teeth.
  • Orthodontic correction

     of protruding and irregularly positioned teeth.
  • Night- guards for bruxism

     (grinding of teeth at night)
  • Dental cleaning

     using ultrasonic scalers with Piezo technology.
  • Replacement of missing teeth-

     removable (BPS, Sunflex) and fixed (Ceramic, Cercon, Lava, Procera, etc)
  • Treatment for fluorosed teeth

     using composite/ ceramic veneers or crowns.
  • Detection of cancerous/ pre-cancerous conditions

     and further guidance/ counseling.
  • Child- friendly dental clinic

     with treatment for caries, space infections, malocclusion, habits like lip-biting, thumb-sucking etc.